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What is social media? Social media is a group of internet based apps, building on the ideological and technological foundations of web 2.0, allowing the creation and exchange of user generated content
Why does social media have such large potential for org comms? Bc we live in a digitally connected world where SM plays an integral role in the way people communicate and share with one another 3.01 billion have internet access There are 2.078 billion active social media accounts
What are the three defining characters which sets social media apart from other digital media? Social Interactivity Openness and flexibility Fast paced flow of information
what is meant be social interactivity people can communicate and interact with one another both verbally and non-verbally
what is meant be openness and flexibility There are very little eligibility restrictions to be able to use social media and there is freedom of how you use it to interact
what is meant by fast paced flow of information Information can be communicated widely and spread rapidly 1:1 narrowcast 1:n broadcast
How can social media marketing create value for companies? By constantly finding ways to take advantage of the three defining characteristics
How can social media marketing be defined? As a process of identifying opportunities to leverage the social interactivity among consumers in open and flexible social media environments with fast-paced flows of information
What is the problem often encountered with social media marketing? People become obsesses with platforms and allow this to drive decisions "We have to be on facebook!!" Relying on any single platform for a particular purpose would be myopic and ineffective
What is the fundamental principle of social media marketing? Interactions First Channels Second
What are the three types of information flows to be considered? Company to consumer Consumer to company Consumer to consumer
What perspective do we need to understand social media marketing from? A SOCIAL PERSPECTIVE Social Interactions, Online/Offline, Connections, Interactions, Activation, Long Term View
Key points on SOCIAL INTERACTIONS most important building block Need to consider what platform, intensity, frequency and timing How to leverge interactions to create benefits for org Requires understanding of the audience
Key points on ONLINE/OFFLINE Need to create synergies across online and offline media Online is beneficial for generating buzz and tracking Offline is where majority of brand discussions take place
Key points about CONNECTIONS Identify opportunities to make connections where existing process or technology cannot e.g. Nike+ app Economic benefit for both company & customer, improved product experience
What is meant by INCENTIVES & ACTIVATION Making interactions happen and leveraging them to create value for both the customers and the company - Organic or pushed WOM Have to understand psychological drivers of WOM - 1) self enhancement 2) practical value
What is meant by LONG TERM VIEW Embrace social media advertising as an investment that is part of the wider communications strategy Do not adopt it as a short term fix
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