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Components of a Computer System See other side for different systems Processing Input/Output Devices Internal Memory Backing Storage
What is the CPU? (Flip for Answers) CPU (CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT)-The heart of a computer system. The CPU performs all of the instructions and calculations needed for a computer to function. The CPU comes in the form of a silicon chip known as a microprocessor.
What is the Motherboard? The motherboard is a PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD. It holds lots of the system's vital components, such as the CPU, Sound cards and video cards.
What is an input device? Give three examples. A device that allows a user to enter data into a system. Examples: Keyboard, Mouse and Scanner
What is an output device? Give three examples. Give an example of an in/output device. Output systems allow the system to display or transfer data. Examples: Screen/Monitor, printer, speakers. In/output device: Touchscreen
Name the two types of internal memory and explain what they do. ROM-READ ONLY MEMORY-Contains the commands that are designed to be read, such as the system's boot up instructions. RAM-RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY-Contains the data needed by the programs currently in use. Data is stored temporarily and lost when the PC is switched off.
Explain the term "Backing Storage". Computers have to store files after the computer has been switched off. The device usually used for this is the HARD DRIVE. Hard Drive's are not designed for transferring data between systems but EXTERNAL Hard Drives can be used for this. Data can also be stored on CD's/DVD's or USB Memory Sticks.
Name the three types of computer system. Personal Computers Mainframe Computers Super Computers
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