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Human body, Systems and Cells

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  1. CELLS
    1. Cells that have features in common work together.
      1. This forms a tissue
        1. Similar tissues work together to make an organ.
          1. Organs work together to make an organ system
      2. PARTS OF A CELL
        1. Cell Membrane
          1. Controls substances entering/ leaving cell
          2. Cytopasm
            1. Different chemical processes take place here
            2. Nucleus
              1. Contains chromosones and genes
                1. Contains how a cell works and grows
              2. Mitochondria
                1. The parts of the cell where energy is released from food.
                2. Cell wall
                  1. Gives the cell shape and support
                  2. Transport into and out of cells
                    1. DIFFUSION
                      1. OSMOSIS
                        1. ACTIVE TRANSPORT
                    2. SYSTEMS
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