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RLT Model of nursing was developed when and by who? Nancy roper in the 1970's
What is the purpose of RLT model? To asses a patients independence and provide them with individualised care
The model consists of 5 components what are they? Activities of living, Factors effecting AL, Independence/Dependence continuum, Individuality in Living, Life Span
Briefly describe Maintaining a safe environment? Being able to prevent accidents, drive safely, food hygiene. Also external facts like global warming/war and internal factors like being abel to maintain BP and blood glucose levels.
Briefly describe Breathing? Intake of Oxygen and expulsion of Co2 a vital part in maintaining homeostasis. Often taken for granted, if someone can't breath panic sets in fast, provokes anxiety
Briefly describe sleeping Enables the body to relax after growth, cell repair, wound repair, healing. Lack of sleep can effect mood, consider pain, anxiety etc. Ward environment (squeaky shoes)
Describe dying An inevitable process. Most people anxious about the process not death its self. Nurse must be able to try and prepare someone for death
Independence/Dependence Continuum. How can a nurse be involved in this step? A nurse must be able to promote independence in a patient but also be able to help patients cope with being dependant if thats what they need.
How should a nurse judge someones independence? Using ADLs and seeing what the patient is capable of.
The 5 factors influencing ADL Biological, Socio-culture, Psychological, Environment, Political-economic
Biological factors influencing ADLS Genetics, Exposure to disease and infection. Health status can effect a persons ADLs for example someone with anaemia may be too fatigued to complete them.
Psychological factors influencing ADLs About behaviour, thoughts, knowledge etc. The older we get the less efficient our mental capacity becomes
Socio-culture a persons position in society, roles, responsibilitys. What their culture views as the 'norm', in boliva girls can marry at 14. Culture and religion will impact hospital stay.
Environment Clothing, housing, Building, vegetation
Politico-economic Government and laws placed on civilians. For example martial law. Economy, poor economy loss of money - Depression?
Individuality in living A nurse must recognise that everyone will carry out their AL differently and they must cater to this with personalised care plans and individualised care. All factors influencing ADLS will be different for each person
Plan of care 4 steps. Assessment, Care plan, Implementation, Evaluation
explain the planning stage. Defining relavent goals and objectives. Make sure they are achievable for the patient in their current circumstance.
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