Motivation theorists

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Motivation theorists and their concepts / key points

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Question Answer
Name 4 theorists 1. Taylor 2. Maslow 3. Herzberg 4. Mayo
What was the name of Taylor's theory? Scientific management
What was the name of Maslow's theory? Hierarchy of needs
What was the name of Herzberg's theory? Human relations theory
Who talks about the X and Y theory? McGregor
Define motivation The will to work.
Name 3 points for Taylor's scientific management 1. Managers should have close control + supervision over employees. 2. Autocratic style of management. 3. Links with McGregor - workers are lazy & are motivated by money only.
Name 3 points for Maslow's hierarchy of needs 1. Five levels of human needs that employees need to have met at work 2. Once a lower level has been met, can they move up to the next need. 3. A business should offer different incentives to help the employees fulfil the needs.
What are Maslow's 5 levels on the hierarchy of needs? 1. Self-actualisation. 2. Esteem. 3. Social. 4. Safety. 5. Psychological.
Name three points for Herzberg's two factor theory 1. Two key factors in the workplace: Motivators and Hygiene factors. 2. Motivate employees by using motivators and ensuring hygiene factors are met. 3. Managers should use job enrichment and empowerment.
Name 4 points for Mayo's human relations theory 1. Workers are motivated by having their social needs met. 2. Workers should work in teams. 3. Better communication between managers and workers. 4. Suits a paternalistic management style.