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semester 1, 2017
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What does the SHRM model highloght? the need to adopt a flexible, agile and strategic perspective when dealing with the external environments of organizations
Globalisation The increased pace of economic and cultural interconnectedness between different countries
The Australian Economy - fluctuations in response to global and domestic factors - The current contraction of the Chinese economy, among other factors, has put pressure on Australia to restructure its economy away from mining -inflation was 1.5% -unemployment above 6%
Changes in the workforce and the nature of employment - age distribution -aging population -declining fertility rates -low mortality rates -changes in workforce participation rates
HR policy and planning issues -age discrimination -intergenerational conflict -work-life balance
Women & work - the dual-earner family is now the norm - work and family have blurred boundaries -maternity and parental leave (paid and unpaid)
Women in senior management and on boards -27.4% of key management positions -16.4% of board positions
Changing work and employment patterns - flexibility has become the driving force -Fair work act 2009 and flexible work arrangements -shrinking proportion of permanent employees -increased casualisation
Neo-liberal political policies emphasise: - individualism -contractualism -choice -voluntarism
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