Lover's infiniteness - John Donne


Here are my notes on this poem for Cambridge IGCSE. Enjoy! =)
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"If yet I have not all thy love" Use of 'if' conjunction sounds insecure Jealous, as he doesn't have all her love, despite trying to 'purchase' her
"Sights, tears and oaths and letters" He considers these the currencies of love that he has tried to purchase her with
"Yet no more can be due to me" Believes he is entitled to her love because of his efforts, not because he has persuaded her
"Than some to me, some should to others fall" If she doesn't give all her love to him, she may love another (insecure)
"New love created be, by other men" Worried and afraid other men will arouse new feelings in her that he cannot give her
"The ground, thy heart, is mine; whatever shall grow there, dear, I should have it all" Possessive Views heart as land, entitled to everything it produces
"Thou canst not every day give me thy heart" If love is meant to be infinite, it cannot all be satisfied on finite Earth The extent to which he wants their love to become is impossible (shows his powerful love) Recognises that not having 'all' yet is good, as her love for him can continue to grow. Like finance, if you give all your love, you have no more to give
"Love's riddles" Doesn't fully understand love (calls them riddles), but fully desires it Humbled by this It is worth investing time in love
"Though thy heart depart it stays at home, and thou with losing it saves it" Links to Bible's Matthew's paradox: While saving your life, you lose it Symbolizes we must love the Divine before loving one another (Donne was a Devout Protestant) Symbolizes love is a paradox Love was created by God, how are we humans expected to fully understand it?
Structure Constant structured stanzas: His love is fixed 11th line of each stanza incorporates a different meaning of the word 'all' He has different views on love, but desires everything (all aspects of love)
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