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Here is my analysis of lion heart! Enjoy! *Some credit to azittoun for their amazing mindmap!
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"lion heart" No caps: Small 'l' contrasts with strength and fierceness of lion, like how the small size of Singapore contrasts with it's strength and worth 'heart' is a vital organ, like how Singapore is vital to the world
"Riding crests, waves of fish in your fists" Represents country's domination over the sea (and the rest of the world) Triumphant in maritime trade Powerful imagery, depicts strength and shows the admiration of the writer
"Water whipped the first breath of your lungs" Initially, the sea was the only source of growth and survival for the country First started to strive using maritime trade
"Ivory coast", "golden sheen", "emerald blaze" Colour imagery: Shows beauty and worth of the country Precious materials also emphasize the worth of the country
"In crackling boats, seeds arrived" Different cultures arrived from the sea, and the country welcomed them all They then settled down and developed roots there (had Singaporean children), learned to love Singapore- "They sunk roots, spawned shade"
"the sea's pulmonary, a vein throbbing humming bumboats" Pulmonary: Singapore is essential to the rest of the world Bumboats: traditional boat, symbolizing patriotism Sound when said mimics waves crashing against the boats' flank, which is the phonological effect of busy shipping, suggests sea is the life blood of Singapore
"echo that washes" While independent and no longer relying on the sea, citizens remember water is a heritage Not forgotten, as echoes will always be heard
7th stanza structure Enjambment and no full stop: Pride of country is unending
"five stars in the red tapestry of your sky" 'red' fierce, powerful Their country's flag is like their sky, it is present and important in their lives, it is with them everywhere they go Poem memorably ends with image of flag at the end: Singapore's memory will always stay with the reader
Structure Represents history of Singapore. Before it was tight and ordered, but then it became much freer. Could show how pride for the country is lost through generations: She wrote the poem to remind her generation about pride of the country. Chronological order shows writer is proud of Singapore's history from the beginning
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