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When was the Blitz? September 7, 1940 - May 10, 1941
How many were killed in the Blitz? 43, 000 People
How many were made homeless? 1,400,000 londoners
How many people were killed in the first twelve hours? 436 people
What happened after two months into the Blitz? The Germans turned to other cities such as Liverpool, Glasgow and Coventry (after London).
Who were the civil defence workers during the Blitz (x3)? - The AUXILIARY FIRE SERVICE - AIR RAID PRECAUTION (ARP) wardens - FIRST AID POST
Who were these workers? Unpaid part-timers who also had other jobs. The ARP wardens - 1/6 of them were women.
What did these workers do ie; during an air raid? They patrolled the areas after the siren raid siren had gone off and then called the emergency services. They were often the first people at the bombing scene and helped rescue people and put out fires.
Why did the Germans bomb the British people? The German's aim was to lower the British Morale and force the British into surrender and submission.
What did the British government do to prevent this ie; The spirit of the Blitz? They needed to keep the British Morale and so they controlled all forms of media like the newspapers and radios. They weren't allowed to publish the bad things about the Blitz, instead, they were told to concentrate of photographing the rescues and heroics during this time. People were encouraged to continue as normal - the spirit of the Blitz
What were the main targets during the Blitz? Military or industrial targets Docks and Factories in the East End- densely populated area Dockyards- Bristol, Southampton, Portsmouth. Coventry- November 1940 Manchester + North-west- December 1940 Liverpool- May 1941 Docks were devasted
What type of bombs were used by the Germans during the Blitz? - High Explosives - Exploded on impact or timed fuse - Parachute mines - to tear apart concrete and steel buildings -the government didn't acknowledge that they existed until 1944 - Incendiaries - Dropped in huge numbers to start fires.
How effective was the Spirit of the Blitz? ie; What did it do? Industrial production in Coventry factories started again very quickly, In Clydebank, near Glasgow, the munitions factories began work again even though the town was practically inhabitabl.
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