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What is the Menon Plan also known as? June 3rd Plan
How long did it take for Mountbatten to produce the plan? Just 3 hours!
The Menon Plan was based on the second option put forward by the Cabinet Mission. What did this option state? A 2 state solution of India and Pakistan.
What 2 options were given to princely states? They could join either side or could remain independent.
What were both Bengal and the Punjab able to do? Allowed to vote to partition.
What Act were both India and Pakistan going to use as the foundation of their state? 1935 Government of India Act
What was Jinnah's Reaction to the Plan? He was forced to accept Pakistan without Bengal and the Punjab - 'Moth-eaten'
What were some of the issues for Sikhs with the Plan? Geographical - Amritsar within Pakistan, Sikhs wanted to be in India. Thousands of Sikhs began to migrate from what they thought would become Pakistan
What were some issues for the Princely States with the Plan? Congress declared themselves the Paramount power and bullied the states into joining India. Autonomy only realistic for the biggest states - others would just become part of India or Pakistan.
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