Physics Regents Review - Electricity

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Some key things you need to know in the electricity unit for the physics regents.

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The unit which describes electric current in terms of how much charge passes a given point in a conductor is called the _____________, which is represented by _______________. Ampere, circle with an A in it.
In order for current to flow in a wire there must be a complete circuit, and a ________ _________, or ___________. Potential Difference, voltage v
Metals and other materials with many free electrons are called ________, because they allow current to pass easily. Conductors
Things that don’t allow current to pass easily, like glass, rubber, and plastic, are called _______________. Insulators
Resistance The measurement of how easily current flows through a conductor.
Generally, resistance decreases when a conductor’s length__________, diameter ____________, and temperature ___________. Decreases, increases, decreases
In parallel circuits, the total resistance is always ______ than the smallest resistor. less
Power = ? Volts * Amps
The power used through time is found by multiplying ________ and __________, and is expressed in __________. Power, Time, Joules
Watt The unit of electrical power.
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