verbos en ingles present-past

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ask asked
borrow borrowed
brush brushed
call called
check checked
clean cleaned
climb climbed
cook cooked
cover covered
cross crossed
dream dreamed
dress dressed
earn earned
end ended
enter entered
enjoy enjoyed
explain explained
fail failed
follow followed
guess guessed
happen happened
help helped
join joined
jump jumped
kick kicked
kill killed
laugh laughed
learn learned
listen listened
look looked
mean meaned
need needed
offer ofered
open opened
order ordered
pack packed
paint painted
park parked
pray prayed
print printed
pull pulled
push pushed
rain rained
remember remembered
rent rented
repeat repeated
return returned
shout shouted
snow snowed
start started
stay stayed
talk talked
thank thanked
travel traveled
turn turned
visit visited
wait waited
walk walked
want wanted
work worked
add added
accept accepted
alow alowed
answer answered
arrive arrived
believe believed
belong belonged
burn burned
cancel cancelled
change changed
complain complained
copy copied
count counted
dance danced
decide decided
decorate decorated
destroy destroyed
drop dropped
dry dryed
escape escaped
explain explained
finish finished
fix fixed
fill filled
love loved
measure measured
mention mentioned
notice noticed
place placed
please pleased
practice prcticed
qualify qualified
search searched
sign signed
sitt sitted
smile smiled
sutdy studied
touch touched
wish wished
worry worried
arise arose
awake awoke
be was
beat beat
become became
begin began
bet bet
bite bit
blow blew
break broke
bring brought
build built
buy bought
catch caught
choose chose
come came
cost cost
cut cut
dig dug
do did
draw drew
dream dreamt
drink drank
drive drove
eat ate
fall fell
feed fed
feel felt
fight fought
find found
fly flew
forget forgot
forgive forgave
freeze froze
get got
give gave
go went
grow grew
have had
hear heard
hide hid
hit hit
hurt hurt
keep kept
kneel knelt
know knew
lean leant
learn learnt
leave left
lend lent
let let
lie lay
light lit
lose lost
make made
mean meant
meet met
pay paid
plead pled
put put
quit quit
read read
ride rode
rise rose
run ran
say said
see saw
seek sought
sell sold
send sent
set set
shake shook
shine shone
shoot shot
shut shut
sing sang
sleep slept
smell smelt
speak spoke
spell spelt
spend spent
spin spun
spit spat
steal stole
stink stank
swear swore
sweat sweat
sweep swept
swim swam
take took
teach taught
tell told
thing though
throw threw
tread trod
understand understood
wear wore
wet wet
win won
write wrote
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