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Chamber music (string quartets) Classical - Haydn + Mozart, Beethoven harmonically advanced, Mendelssohn light + early romantic, Brahms Dvorak + Borodin later romantic, Shostakovich (1930-1974) or Bartok = just dissonant, 20th century and atonal = Schoenberg
Purcell Baroque English 1680-1700
Handel Baroque Vocal work in English
Baroque dates 1710-1740
Main four baroque composers JS Bach Handel Vivaldi Telemann
Mozart Classical 1770s-1791
Haydn Classical died 1810
Rameau end of Baroque, early Classical died 1764
Beethoven Classical 1790-1830
Gluck later Classical 1714-1787
Dowland Renaissance died 1624
Gibbons Renaissance died 1623
Byrd Renaissance died 1623
Palestrina Renaissance died 1594
Josquin de Pres Renaissance died 1523
Morley Renaissance died 1602
Chopin Early romantic died 1849 predom. piano
Schubert Early romantic symphonies, chamber, lied, piano
Berlioz early romantic symphonies, operas, some chamber
Schumann early romantic symphonies, piano, piano concerto
Rossini early romantic, died 1868 so can also be later, opera
Mendelssohn early romantic, symphonies, orchestral, string quartets
Weber early romantic, concertos and opera
Strauss late romantic, waltzs, orchestral
Verdi late romantic, operas
Liszt late romantic, piano, orchestral
Brahms late romantic, orchestral, chamber
Smetana late romantic, Czech orchestral, opera
Wagner late romantic, German operas, orchestral, very chromatic and large forces
Borodin late romantic, orchestral, chamber
Grieg late romantic, orchestral, piano
Dvorak late romantic, chamber, orchestral
Tchaikovsky late romantic, orchestral, some chamber
Vaughan Williams 1890-late 1950s
Elgar and Holst 1880-1930
Neoclassicism Poulenc, Hindemith, Stravinsky, Prokovief,
Minimalism Glass-alternating quavers, Adams, Reich, Einaudi and Michael Nyman, 1990 onwards
Impressionism Debussy, Faure - slightly earlier, Ravel - lived longer than Debussy and Faure, Delius - British, Mahler - orchestral, Albeniz - Spanish style
Serialism late 1920-1940s, Clashy/atonal, Webern, Berg, Schoenberg, John Cage - aleatoric chance music
Jazz Big band 20s-mid 30s, Duke Ellinton + Louis Armstrong, Cool/Modal jazz - 50s+60s smaller ensembles, Bebop - 40s-late50s Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Walter Davis Jr
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