Jesus' Ministry

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Jesus' Ministry for GCSE St Mark's Gospel

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What is a Watershed event? Somethign which happens that changes the course of history or someone's life
Why is teh Baptism of Jesus a Watershed event in Mark's Gospel? -Mark's the beginning oF Jesus' Ministry -Confirms that he is the son of God -After this he goes from being an unknown carpenter to a highly controversial figure -His example is followed by christians today-we are still baptised -Jesus humbled himself-he wanted to associate himself with those who came to be cleansed of sin
Where did John baptise people? The River Jordan
Why was John Baptising people in the Jordan? To prepare them for the arrival of Jesus the Messiah
Why was Jesus baptised by John? -To show that he was humble and wanted eo be associated with those who came to be cleansed of sin -To show he was ready to begin his Ministry
What does Temptation Mean? To Test
How come the spirit 'made' Jesus go into the desert in The Temptation of Jesus? To show that it is part of Gods plan fopr Jesus to be sent ot be tested
What do wild animals represent in The Temptation of Jesus? Devils and Demons who were opposed to God
Why were the angels sent to Jesus in, The Temptation of Jesus? They were sent to support Jesus
Why is The Temptation of Jesus a watershed event? -Jesus triumphed against Satan: he returned feeling ready to begin his Ministry -He resisted temptation: this reinforces the fact that he is the son of God -Christians in need can identify Jesus' struggle with temptation
Why did some people think that Jesus was John the baptised? -There was a family connection -They did a similar job-preaching and teaching
Why did some people think that Jesus was Elijah? -Elijah was supposed to return to proclaim the coming of the Messiah -He could have been a prophet with jesus-he was preaching and teaching
Why did Jesus tell the disciples not to tell anyone that he was the Messiah? -People might get the wrong idea -The Romans might arrest and kill him too soon -Priests would have ammunition to arrest him
When was the only time Jesus used the title 'Messiah'? Caesarea Philippi
Which disciple got annoyed with Jesus at Caesarea Philippi? Peter
Why is Caesarea Philippi a watershed event? -The atmosphere becomes a lot darker -Jesus' focus becomes teaching, rather than healing and preaching -1st time Jesus admits to being the Messiah -Midpoint of Mark's Gospel -Jesus begins his journey to Jerusalem-where he will die
What does 'Transfiguration' mean? A change of appearance
Why is the story called 'The Transfiguration'? -Jesus' body changes into a holy body -His clothes change to a bright white colour -From here, the view of the Messiah changes
Why is The Transfiguration a watershed event? -It confirmed that Jesus was neither Moses or Elijah, but the Son of God -It fulfils the Old Testament prophecy (Elijah=the Messiah has come, Moses=Jesus is the new law giver) -'Listen to Him!' must mean they should take notice of what Jesus said about suffering, death and discipleship
What are the symbols in The Transfiguration? The Cloud, The Voice, Moses, Elijah, White Clothes, "3 Tents", Peter/James/John, The Mountain
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