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Question Answer
to take credit for something say that something was you idea
plaint Complaint (Beschwerde)
to come to the fore to come forward/ to come to the surface
an alluring attraction very tempting/ hard to resit
to anchor a film to secure/ to make sure that it is good.
splendid performance Brilliant/ excellent performance
gripping stories of epic sweep thrilling story with extraordinary reach
rapture extreme happiness/ excitement
to take one’s cue from somebody to have sbd. as your role model/ to get inspired by smth. or someone.
to take charge of something be responsible of smth
acuity see or hear smth clearly/ good quality
strengths and foibles what you are good or bad at; strengths and weakness
to stoke the fury of somebody make somebody very angry
stellar Extraordinary, outstanding, verry good
to be pitch-perfect on the top of everything
valiantly brave
to launch a series to start a series
quick primer quick introduction
seminal character groundbreaking character/ first of his kind/ influantial
to reboot a character to reinvent a character/ smb.
runner-up second in line / second winner
international expansion internationale Ausbreitung
recession Rückgang, Rücktritt, zurückweichen, Flaute
concept of adaptive advantage Companies can sharpen their quest (Nachfrage) for a sustainable (nachhaltig) competitive edge (wettbewerbsfähigkeit) by pursuing (verfolgen) adaptive advantage—a strategy that acknowledges (bestätigt) the unpredictability (unvorhersehbarkeit) of today’s environment and unlocks the dynamic qualities of competition. With adaptive advantage, approaches to (sich annähern) new problems can continually emerge. (auftauchen)
approaches to sich annähern
emerge auftauchen
unpredictability unvorhersehbarkeit
to acknowledge bestätigen
to pursue fortfahren, verfolgen
competitive edge Wettbewerbsfähigkeit
sustainable nachhaltig
quest Suche, Aufgabe
relevant data Dazugehörige Daten
valuable partners Wertvolle Partner
companies need to be more adaptive anpassungsfähig
downturns periods when business activity is reduced and conditions become worse
deductive using the knowledge and information you have in order to form an opinion about something (schlussfolgernd)
oversee to be in charge of a group of workers and check that the work is done satisfactorily (beobachten)
hidebound having old-fashioned attitudes and ideas/ narrow-minded
awareness knowledge or understanding of a particular subject or situation/ to have a conscious mind
resilience ability to become strong and successful again after a difficult situation or event (Belastbarkeit, Widerstandsfähigkeit)
building in some slack creating some free time/ to be less strict
thriving very successful
sharp able to think and understand things very quickly (schlau, scharfsinnig)
free-flowing continuous and uninterrupted
hardly not
are alive to know about the importance of (empfindlich und bewusst für..)
to ready themselves for engagement when you become involved with someone or something in order to understand/act
a broad shift major change in the way people think about something or in the way something is done
it’s no longer it doesn’t happen anymore
show up appear- often unexpectedly
be attuned to be familiar with the way someone thinks so that you can react to them in a suitable way (aufeinander eingestellt)
trawling searching through a lot of documents in order to find out information
to make amends to do something to show you are sorry for upsetting someone/ to make good/ to put right
broadcasting sending out a program, especially via radio, TV or internet
realised achieved
the amount realised der erlöste Betrag
put out extinguish fires by pouring water on them (figurative)
to defuse improve a difficult situation (entschärfen)
brewing crisis a potentially bad situation
at a stroke with a single, sudden action
come up with thought of an idea or answer
to hawk door-to-door selling/ try to sell goods by going from place to place and persuading people to buy them (hausieren)
gauging interest judging how people feel about something
it is proved to be he is proved to be guilty/ lead to the success of something
netting (financially) earning a particular amount of money as a profit after tax Methoden zur Verminderung von Finanzieller Risiken zwischen 2 Vertragsparteien innerhalb eines vertraglich vereinbarten Verrechnungsverfahrens.
financial management having a good grasp of cashflow planning, credit management and maintaining good relationships with your bank and accountant
product development making long-term plans for your products and identifying the people, materials and processes required to achieve them/ knowing your competition and your customers’ needs
people management managing recruitment, resolving disputes, motivating staff and managing training; helping employees to work together as a team
supplier relationship identifying reliable partners, negotiating successfully with them and managing the relationship
sales identifying potential customers and their individual needs, explaining your goods and services effectively and converting potential customers into clients
aim of the project Projektziel
outputs Ausgaben
quality criteria Qualitätskriterien
resources Mittel/Rohstoffe
management structure Führungsstruktur
milestones intermediate goals
dependencies Abhängigkeiten
scheduling planung
fine tuning making very small changes to something so that it works as well as possible
scope range (bereich) that an activity, subject etc. deals with
for one used to give an example of something (I for one...)
chances are it is likely
mindless completely stupid and without any purposes
clouds makes a subject more difficult to understand
shout foul say that something is not allowed by the rules
slack resources that are not being used fully (Zeitfenster, schlaff, lose)
weep complain about something bitterly
over-assigning giving someone too much work or too much responsibility for a particular job
idly not working, or doing something without any specific purpose Bsp.: to stand idly by (untätig daneben stehen)