Biology final Chp 10.1-cell growth, division and reproduction

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What are some of the difficulties a cell faces as it increases in size? The larger a cell becomes that more the cell places on its DNA. Also the cell is less efficient in moving nutrients and wast across the cell membrane
Where do living cells store critical information? In the DNA
As a cell grows, does its DNA also grow? No
If a cell grows too large, what will happen? Information overload
There is a reason why cell size is limited. what is it? Food, oxygen and water enter the cell through its cell membrane and waste products leave the cell in the same way. The rate at which this exchange, in and out, takes place depends on the surface area of the cell. The rate at which food and oxygen are used up and waste produced depends on the cell's volume.
If a cell continues to grow, what will happen? It will find it difficult to get sufficient amounts of oxygen and nutrients in and waste out.
Before it becomes too large, a growing cell divides forming? Two daughter cells
The process by which a cell divides into two new daughter cells is called? Cell division
Before cell division occurs, what happens to the cell? The cell replicates, or copies all of its DNA
The replication of DNA solves what problem for the cell? It solves the problem of information overload, because each daughter cell gets one complete copy of genetic information
Cell division also solves the problem of increasing size by ____________________. Reducing the cell's volume
Cell division results in an increase in the ration of ___________________ to ____________________ for each daughter cell. Surface area to volume
What is asexual reproduction? The reproduction of a single-celled organism. It produces genetically identical offspring from a single parent
Can asexual reproduction occur in multicellular organisms? Yes
What is sexual reproduction? Involves the fusion of two separate parent cells. Offspring inherits some of their genetic information from each parent.
True or false. Most animals and plants reproduce sexually and so do some single-celled organisms. True
Advantages of asexual reproduction is a _________ Survival strategy
One disadvantage of asexual reproduction is? A lack of genetic diversity because when conditions change, they do not fit the characteristics of the environment
Sexual reproduction provides genetic ______. Diversity
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