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Maria O'Connor Prospero's power "is not fully understood by ... his daughter, but is felt by his enemies. He plays with them as he pleases."
Keith Brandon "Prospero is the... master mind and man of the future, as shown by his control over nature."
Hebron "The repeated de-... familiarisation makes it hard to see the restoration of social order."
A04/A03 Bradshaw "The renaissance saw people... passionately concerned with black and devilish magic and good and natural magic." A fine line between good and bad with Prospero's magic
David Lindley "The play has often been regarded as a play about... power. Perhaps it should be seen as a play about the illusion of freedom." Ariel's freedom Miranda's false freedom of choice
Graham Bradshaw "The play is like some... existential dance in a hall of mirrors." Theme of illusion and deception throughout the whole play
Ross McDonald Believes that the play is mainly concerned with... "The problem of power." In terms of political power- Prospero securing his dukedom in Naples and legacy through Miranda + Ferdinand Prospero's magic power over people on island Art= power so power over an audience.
Lord Action- (English Catholic historian, politician, and writer.) Famous saying "All power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Prospero as a malevolent ruler
Peter Hall "The most... blasphemous play Shakespeare ever wrote...where a man is allowed to play God and does not just dabble with craft but actually performs it."
Graham Bradshaw About the whole play "The whole play of course is a trick." Illusions left right and centre! Art of Magic
Robert Reid Prospero's and Miranda's relationship "Prospero's cunning treatment of Miranda draws on long literary traditions of possessive often self deluded fathers."
Bullough Prospero as a ruler He is a "good, authoritarian Governor."
Thomas Campbell (Early 19th century) About Prospero Shakespeare "made its hero a natural, benevolent and dignified ruler."
Bradshaw Like King Lear, believes that "Prospero has been... "treated badly. and has responded badly." King Lear is tortured by his decisions at the beginning of the play where as Prospero is not. But does relinquish powers at the end.
"Prospero is intent on... controlling everything and everybody else." -Bradshaw
J.M. Murray About Miranda's dispostion "Miranda is what she is because she is his pupil." Nature vs Nurture and speaks to Act 1, sc.2 leant how to speak like that from Prospero. "Abhorred slave, which any print of goodness wilt not take, being capable of all ill!"
1996 Producion Ariel and Prospero's relationship Depicted like father and son. Would never get angry at him, just lightly chide him.
2010 Film adaptation Directed by Julie Taymor Name features... 1. Masques used CGI and special effects- interesting and pleasing in particular the Harpy sequence 2. Prospero was played by Helen Mirren, dubbed Prospera 3. Caliban- Half Human, Half Mystical creature 4. Ariel was a spirit- naked and transparent
2013 RCS Production Marc Brenner Caliban (James Garnon) - 'of the earth' Painted earthly colours, like a rock. Spat and Hissed Prospero (Roger Allam)- "controls the action not by supernatural powers but by human qualities" Ariel (Colin Morgan) - 'Out of this world.' High energy and eerie.
Prospero = Director and power Neil Bowman "Prospero stage manages the action in order to regain power."
Thomas Campbell Shakespeare and Prospero's Epilogue "The Tempest represents Shakespeare's farewell to his art"
Stephan Greenblatt Prospero like a director because... "His primary order is precisely the playwrights power to determine the fate of his creations."
St Coleridge About Ariel's dispostion "In the air he lies, from the airs he derives his being, in air he acts." Fluid nature that allows him to become different character- Harpy Like an actor
James Slight Miranda harsh speech to Caliban in Act 1, sc 2 "Her outbursts contradict the innocence and passivity not only given to her by the men but also the editors." A04 -Controversial for Miranda to speak in an empowered way to Caliban
Melissa E. Sanchez Essay about Gender Relations between men and Women Adamant that Miranda makes her own decisions "Voluntarily" receiving and carrying out orders from her father
Melissa E Sanchez About Miranda's proposal to Ferdinand She "is so willing in fact that she is beginning to echo Ariel's and Caliban's defiance of Prospero's authority." She, seemingly, goes behind her fathers back
Stephan Greenblatt Extreme opinion of Caliban "Caliban is anything but... a noble savage...[he is] deformed, lecherous, violent and devil worshipping." BUT argues that he is not any more savage than Prospero AND not as savage as the murderous Sebastian and Antonio
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