Key HACCP Terminology

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Biological Contaminant Relates to living organisms that cannot be seen with the naked-eye that cause illness (bacteria, viruses, pollen, etc.)
Chemical Contaminant Substances that are not naturally found in food that may result in illness (e.g. dioxins)
Physical Contaminant An extraneous object or foreign matter that may cause injury or illness.
Control Measure Any measure that is taken in order to prevent, eliminate, or reduce a food safety hazard.
Control Point Any step in order to control biological, chemical, or physical factors.
Corrective Action Procedures undertaken when a critical limit is not met.
Critical Control Point (CCP) A necessary step in the process where control can be exercised to stop, reduce, or eliminate a food safety hazard.
Critical Limit This relates to the maximum or minimum level a biological, chemical, or physical factor must be raised or reduced to prevent, reduce or eliminate a food safety standard.
Deviation Results when a critical limit is failed to be met.
Hazard Biological, chemical, or physical contaminant that is likely to cause sickness or injury if not controlled for.
Hazard Analysis Gathering and analysing data on hazards associated with food under consideration to decide which are significant and should be discussed in the HACCP plan.
Monitor Systematic observation and measurement to analyse whether a CCP is under control and produce an accurate record so it can be verified.