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What is genre of the Tale? A 16th Century Analogy Like- John Gower, Tale of Florent - Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle Included magic, 'life size' fairies, Knights, In Magic
Lurking Friars What does she call them? What do they do? What did this caused? "There is no incubus but he, and he.... "Limitours and othere holy frères... that serchen every lond and every streem... This maketh that ther be no fariries in the land." "The is no incubus but he, and he ne wol doon hem but dishonour." Friars will only bring you dishonour.
What did the "lusty bachelor" do? (Knight) "He saugh a maide walking him biforn..." and Of which maide anon, maugree hir heer, be verray force, he rafte hir maidenheed."
Female authority in the Tale The Queen decision about the knight " at hir wille, to chese wheither she wolde him save or spille." Its the queens choice to either save him or spill his blood
What does the queen ask the knight to find? "I grante thee lyf, if thou canst... How much time does he have? "I grante thee lyf, if thou canst tellest me what thing it is that women moost desiren." "Twelf-month and a day."
He encounters a problem- women all have different opinions "But he ne koude arriven in no coost two creatures according in-feere."
Fire imagery for women who cant keep secrets About 'hir herte' "Hir herte was a fire"
The old woman, who appears in a magical way- 24 ladies dancing disappear. Description about the Hag "A fouler wight ther may no man devise." She offers to help the Knight "Tel me what ye seke
The deal the Hag and the Knight make "Plight me thy trouthe here in myn hand,.... Thou shalt... and I wol... "Plight me thy trouthe in myn hand, ...the next thing that I require thee, thou shalt do, if it lie in thy might, and I wol telle it yow er it be night." Making and oath- he cant break it if he is honourable. Only fair for her. (Like wife of bath she has maistrie over the knight through her knowledge and understanding of women."
The Knights answer "Wommen desiren to have... as wel over hir... and for to be in..." "Wommen desiren to have sovereinetee, as wel over hir housbond as hir love, and for to been in maistrie him above."
The Hag's request for saving his life "That thou me take... "That thou me take unto thy wyf; For wel thou woost that I have kept thy lyf." Request that he marries her, as she kep/ saved his life.
The knights response to the Marriage proposal "Allas and... "Taak al my good, and... "Allas, and weilawey... "Tak al my good, and lat my body go." Humour for male audience
Thewife speaks of the wo in his marriage...because she is not beautiful... "So wo was him... "So wo was him, his wyf looked so foule" FEMINIST: The knight has to marry an ugly woman, but gains all her money and land. Also 'obedience' as a wife BUT parallel to the wife's complaining about her old 'housbondes'
Hag's argument for Nobility "Christ wole we claime of... "For of oure eldres... "Christ wole we claime of him our gentilless, Nat of oure eldres for hire olde richesse. " For of oure eldres may we no thing claime, But temporal thing, that man may hurte and maime."
'Poverte' and being noble The wife makes a convincing case- persuading, well informed, wise, intellectual, using reason (what males were meant to have.) "Glad poverte is an honest thing, certes." "Poverte is hateful good."- Oxymornic, painful blessing "Poverte as spectacle is, as thinketh me, thurgh which he may his verray freedes see." Poverty is like a pair of glasses, and make you see life clearly and who your true friend are.
Gives him a choice of what she can be- "Wheiter that yow liketh." "To han me foul and old til that I deye and... OR ""Or ells ye wol han me yong and fair and... "To han me foul and olde til that I deye, and be to yow a trewe, humble wyf..." OR "and take youre aventure of the repair that shal be to youre hous cuase of me"- Meaning there might be a chance of 'traffic' in nd out of the house...
TURNING POINT The knight gives her the choice "My lady and my love, and wyf so deere, I put me in youre wise governance; cheseth yourself which may be moost pleasance." Like Janekin succumbs to the wife's mastery
What the wife turns into once the knight has given her the choice "That she was so... "That she so fair was, and so yong therto, for joye he hente hire in his armes two, his herte bathed in a bath of bliss. A Thousand time a-rewe he gan hire kisse."
Happily ever after in Chaucerian English.. "Thus they live unto hir lives ende in parfit joy."
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