Foundations in Psychology - Semester 1, Lecture 1

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  • Sub-Disciplines: Psychobiology
  • Physiological Psychology - The neural mechanisms of behaviour by direct manipulation of the nervous systems - Methodology: experimental - direct manipulation
  • Behaviour Genetics - The generic basis of behaviour - Methodology: experimental & non-experimental, animal & human
  • Comparative Psychology - The evolution & adaptiveness of behaviour - Methodology: compare species experimental/ethological, animals
  • Cognitive/Social Neuroscience - The neural basis of cognition - Methodology: experimental, indirect manipulation, predominantly human but also animal
  • Neuropsychology - The psychological consequences of brain damage - Methodology: case study & quasi/experimental methods, assessment of function & brain imaging, predominantly humans
  • Psychopharmacology - Behaviour & the neural basis of behaviour by explaining the effects of drugs - Methodology: experimental, direct manipulation, clinical & pre-clinical, humans & animals
  • Psychophysiology - The relation between physiological activity & psychological processes - Methodology: experimental, indirect manipulation, non-invasive, humans & animals
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