foul facts about victorian towns!


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Lola Frias
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foul facts about victorian towns!
  1. pollution
    1. alll factories were powered by coal burning steam ENGINES plus coal in houses
    2. rubish
      1. in many towns there were no rubish sistem so all teh rubish was in the streets!
      2. sewers
        1. there was no place for do this so they just put it anywhere in side the water so many diseases were spread
        2. damp
          1. houses fpr the poor were always really badly built
          2. poor ventilation
            1. houses really close toguether so really bad ventilation


              • also bacteria was spread really easily
            2. drinking water
              1. most people did not have a cistern so drank water from rivers they usually get cholera
              2. hygine
                1. thought it was good not to wash
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