Working Hours, Compulsory Rest Periods, and Vacations (Chapter V)


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Working Hours, Compulsory Rest Periods, and Vacations (Chapter V)
  1. Maximun (Art. 47).
    1. The maximun work day will be eight hours a day, so that it does not exceed forty hours a week.
    2. Night Day (Art. 49)
      1. This is takes place between 7:00pm and 6:00am the next day.
        1. This will give the right to equel remuneration that day, increased by twenty five porcent.
      2. Limit of forcet day and rest (Art. 50)
        1. The obligatory days of work can no exceed five in the week. (forty weekly hours).
          1. Saturdays and sundays will be of forced rest.
        2. Work on Saturday and Sundays (Art. 52)
          1. Need to avoid serious damage to the establishment.
          2. Weekly pard rest (Art. 53)
            1. This is paid with the amount equivalent to the full remuneration that is two days.
            2. Remuneration for additional and extraordinary hours (Art. 55)
              1. The suplementary hours maynot exceed four in a day, nor twelvw in the week.
                1. The employer will pay the corresponding remuneration for each of the suplementary hours with a fifty percent surcharge
                2. Division of the day (Art. 57)
                  1. The ordinary work day may be divided into two-parts.
                    1. This parts with rest of up to two hours after the first four hours of work.
                  2. Compensation to the employer (Art. 59)
                    1. If the worker, without just cause, stops working the eight hours of the ordinary day, he will lose the proportional part of the remuneration.
                    2. Recovery of work hours (Art. 60)
                      1. Due to accidental causes, the employer will pay the compensation for the interruption of work.
                        1. Recover lost hours by increasing three hours per day until you complete the interrupted hours.
                          1. The employee who does not want to submit to supplementary work will return the remuneration paid
                      2. Days of mandatory rest (Art.65)
                        1. these in addition to the Saturdays and Sundays are obligatory days
                          1. The obligatory days are: January 1, Holy Friday, May 1 and 24, August 10, October 9, November 2 and 3 and December 25.
                          2. Annual holiday (Art. 69)
                            1. All workers will have 15 days of rest, including non-work days, workers who are older than 5 years will also receive a day of rest for each of the years of work.
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