Art basics: elements, principles and analysis


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Lisa Reilly
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Art basics: elements, principles and analysis
  1. Analysis
    1. Aesthetics
      1. Identifies the criteria of judgement in art.
      2. Aesthetitian
        1. One who analyses the natural beauty in nature and art.
      3. Elements
        1. Visual communication through art
          1. Theme: what is it about?
            1. Means: resources used to make it
              1. Style: individual expression from the artist
                1. Composition: unity between the elements
                  1. Format: general design
                  2. Artistic elements
                    1. Color: intensity, hue; needs light to exist
                      1. Value: amount of white or black added to original color
                        1. Light: related to intensity, emphasis
                          1. Line: direction of movement
                            1. Texture: the feel at touch.
                              1. Shape: 2 dimensions
                                1. Form: 3 dimensions
                                  1. Space: distance and depth
                                2. Principles
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