The Old Man and The Sea Timeline


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The Old Man and The Sea Timeline
  1. There was an old man who loved to fish.
    1. Santiago was quite discouraged because he had not caught a fish in 84 days.
      1. Santiago sets out to sea and catches a few tuna for his bait for the day.
        1. The old man thought about what he thinks the fish is like.
          1. Santiago found the fish that he was looking for.
            1. Santiago's hand began to cramp up from havin to hold onto the line for so long.
              1. The fish jumped out of the water almost taunting the old man with how big it was, the old man was astonished.
                1. He comares himself to his idol Joe DiMaggio because of the way he is battling even though his hands keep cramping up.
                  1. Santiago pulls in the Marlin and kills it with a Harpoon.
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