Planning and Preparation for Effective Negotiation


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Planning and Preparation for Effective Negotiation
  1. Is what negotiators should do before negotiations.
    1. Negotiation is a dynamic communication process where new information, concerns, emotions, and goals may arise, negotiators should also be prepared for dealing with contingencies as well as factors that may interfere with goal pursuit
    2. Analyze the negotiation context: Opportunities and constraints
      1. Historical, political, legal, and cultural context in which negotiations take place
        1. Purpose of the negotiation: Deal-making or dispute resolution
          1. The nature of the conflict: May ideologies are involved
          2. Analyze the negotiation structure and components
            1. Define the issues: What issues are to be negotiated
              1. Consider Alternatives
              2. Positions, interest, preferences of parties.
                1. Identify the negotiation parties
                2. Fin the best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA)
                  1. Practice perspective talking
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