Present simple vs Present continuous


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Jose Demian
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Present simple vs Present continuous
  1. Present continuous
    1. Affirmative: pronom + to be + infinitive + ing.
      1. I'm talking. He's eating.
      2. Negative: pronom + to be + not + infinitive + ing
        1. I'm not talking. He's not eating.
        2. Question: to be + pronom + ing
          1. Are you talking? Are they learning?
        3. Present simple
          1. Affirmative: Pronom + Verb
            1. I talk. He eats.
            2. Negative: Pronom + to do + not + verb
              1. I do not talk. He does not eat.
              2. Question: To do + pronom + verb
                1. Do you talk? Does he eat?
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