Perception of dialogue based on education


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Perception of dialogue based on education
  1. Criticizing the traditional education system methods within a broad framework
    1. Banking education considers humans as beings to be influenced
      1. Curiosity is an instrument of acquiring knowledge
      2. The purpose of education method is not to understand ourself but to change the individual according to alien probes
      3. Liberty is the thinking and acting of the people in order to transform the world on which we live
        1. Key words
          1. Critical pedagogy
            1. Problem posing education
              1. Dialogue
              2. Dialogue constitutes the main concept
                1. And it is the basic item in the knowledge structure
                  1. Courage, modesty, strong faith and hope
                  2. Education approach as an alternative educational system
                    1. This is banking education and it's designed to serve the purpose of the oppressors and it causes deshumanization
                    2. Banking education means that knowledge is directly transferred to students
                      1. Students are the passive recievers of this knowledge
                        1. The teacher is the sole distributor of knowledge
                          1. Its aim is to develop social awaresness and critical thinking skills of people
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