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Uber company
  1. Monica alejandra ortiz 212053_7 October 28 2019
    1. Uber Technologies Inc. is an American company that provides its customers with driver transport vehicles internationally,
      1. through its mobile application software, which connects passengers with drivers of vehicles registered in their service,
        1. . The company organizes collections in hundreds of cities around the world and is based in San Francisco
          1. Problematic
            1. taxi drivers argue that the uber service is unequal and unfair
              1. When vehicles are used to provide the service, the service has a legal permit, since the provision of this service is illegal. These vehicles are not authorized to do so.
                1. in addition to this the uber rates are high and handle dynamic rates
            2. Causes
              1. Growth of passengers to the uber line and desechamiento to the taxi service
                1. conflicts and fights with other transport service providers
                  1. Increase in the popularity of the service due to its particularity and quality.
              2. Consequences
                1. The company will be considered a formal transport services company and not a digital service.
                  1. The company must submit to the same regulations that govern conventional transport companies in each country where it operates
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