Math Module IV Juan Armando Pérez Vital A01400839 Multicultural


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Math Module IV Juan Armando Pérez Vital A01400839 Multicultural
  1. Rational Numbers
    1. Quotients of integrers Is the greatest common factor of numerator and the denominator 1.
      1. Fundamental property of rational numbers a/b * k/k = a/b*
        1. 36/54 = 2/3*18/18=2/3*
          1. Cross-Product test a/b=c/d if a*d=b*c
            1. 36/54=2/3 36*3=108 54*2=108 108=108
    2. Operations with rational numbers
      1. To realize the operation of addition the two fractions must be redrawn in a unit taht both have in common, then add numerator with numerator and the same with denominator, then the fraction simplifies
        1. 1/3+2/5= 5/15+6/15= 11/15
          1. Addition and Simplifying of fractions
          2. Multiplying of fractions
            1. Multiply the nominator with th other and teh same with denominator
              1. 1/2*2/5= 2/10
                1. Because 2 and 10 are multiples of themselves they can be simplified by the same number taht is 2
                  1. 2/10= 1/5
            2. Division of fractions
              1. To divide the fractions invert the divisor and then multiply
                1. (7/8)/(1/4)= 7*4=28, 8*1=8 = 28/8
                  1. (a/b)/(c/d) = ad/bc
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