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Imperative. Monica Barrios. UNAD. INGLES B1
Andrea P.B.
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Andrea P.B.
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Resource summary

  1. used to give
    1. orders
      1. examples
        1. Go away
          1. Keep quiet
        2. instructions
          1. examples
            1. Don’t use this spray near a naked flame
              1. Apply the glue thinly and leave it for ten minutes.
            2. advice
              1. examples
                1. Be careful!
                  1. Don’t forget to take your passport with you
                2. invitations
                  1. examples
                    1. Have a piece of cake
                      1. Come round and see me some time
                  2. use
                    1. base form of the main verb
                      1. verb+object(if nedded)
                        1. example
                          1. Walk to the corner, turn right, and cross the road
                        2. don't+verb+objetc(if needed)
                          1. example
                            1. Don’t lose that key
                      2. can be adressed to one or more people
                        1. examples
                          1. Come on, Mary
                            1. Come on, girls
                          2. Suggestion
                            1. let's+main verb
                              1. examples
                                1. Let’s visit Malcolm this weekend.
                                  1. Let’s phone her now, shall we?
                                2. includes the speaker
                                  1. let's not+main verb
                                    1. examples
                                      1. Let’s not worry about that now
                                  2. do+main verb
                                    1. Polite emphasis
                                      1. example
                                        1. Do take your coat off.
                                      2. persuasive
                                        1. example
                                          1. Do try to eat a little of this; it will be good for you
                                        2. show irritation
                                          1. example
                                            1. Do stop talking! I’m trying to work.
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