How to promote digital transformation in Colombian enterprises?


Mind Map on How to promote digital transformation in Colombian enterprises?, created by Melissa Andrea Vesga Meneses on 10/04/2019.
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Melissa Andrea Vesga Meneses
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How to promote digital transformation in Colombian enterprises?
  1. The digital transformation of the organizations is a process that suitably combines the incorporation of new advances in the technology in the enterprise with the fundamental collaboration of human capital. Organizations other than improving in their operating and functional processes are to transform their business model driven by the technology and innovation.
    1. Phases
      1. Phase1 Research.
        1. Phase2: Opportunity Search
          1. Phase3: New vision.
            1. Phase4: Business application.
              1. Phase5: Commitment.
                1. Phase6: Test
                  1. Phase7: Scaling.
                    1. Phase8: Review / recycling.
                    2. Why a digital revolution?
                      1. To bet on the development of the country, is to bet on digitalization,
                        1. Most of the investments must be made in resources, equipment and materials and must educate the population to understand that time has a value that costs money, This is a joint effort of the companies and the government. twenty-one
                          1. Benefits in all areas of the value chain
                            1. The importance of a strategic plan in the organization that will lead them to venture into a new, more profitable and competitive digital era in front of each market
                              1. Impact that technologies will have on company processes
                                1. The impact it brings against competitiveness and profitability.
                                  1. Change the look towards the role of technology in organizations
                                  2. The main obstacles
                                    1. Ignorance of the concept of digital transformation, Lack of support to establish a vision and define a TD strategy in the company private and public, Low commitment by senior managers of SMEs and large companies, Assume that the transformation is immediate, Lack of public and private investment, Desire to transform without making large investments, Resistance to change, Companies ignore and waste technology to meet and attract the customer, Infrastructure limitations, speed of technological change, talent gap digital.
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