Narnia the lion, the witch and the wardrobe


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Narnia the lion, the witch and the wardrobe
  1. 4 brothers sent for protection to a profesor house in london
    1. A house that will changes their lifes
      1. one day playin at hide and seek , luci that was the lllitle sister hides in a wardrobe and for her surprise she foud a new world
        1. she found a foun named tumnus, who invited her to have tea, for the tell her that the wolrd where they were, was called narnia
          1. also told her that they were in a eternal winter because of the white witch
              1. something was wrong he sang a song to sleep her but wen she wake up he was in tears because the witch told him to bring every human but he leave her go
                1. luci came back and told her brothers but they didnt belive her , they return to play the next day
                  1. edmund follow her and found the white witch who told him about a kigndom he could have but he deny everything
                    1. one day they needed to hide and did so in the wardrobe , they found NARNIA ,decided to go to the elf`s house but whe they arived the hiuse was destroyed
                      1. they went to the beavers house where they told them that aslan was the real king and he was waiting for them for the bad times end
                        1. edmund went with the witch , mean time for the other kids santa came and gived them gifts, an arch, a shield and a bottle of magic posion.
                          1. the kids go into their journey and found alsan
                            1. the horn of susan sound , they were in trouble so peter and aslan whent to save susan and luci
                              1. the witch knew that alsan was in the stone table , the other kids rescue edmund and alsan talked with him
                                1. Aslan also had a talk with the witch and before they talked , aslan announce that they rejected the blod of edmund
                                  1. when the nigth comes alsan went to the stone table to give his life for edmund
                                    1. At night Lucia awoke and saw that Susan was also awake, turned and saw Aslan that seemed to go somewhere in the woods, the girls followed him
                                      1. Aslan seemed unfazed at the insults of the people and when he reached the stone table was shaved, bound and murdered.
                                        1. Lucy and Susan went to see Aslan, lying dead on the stone table. They fell asleep with aslan
                                          1. The Desperate girls started to go but when they turned heard a loud sound, the stone table had been broken, Aslan had risen.
                                            1. They rode in and they went to the Palace Witch, Aslan there puff on all statues and revived
                                              1. went to where there was a war between the army Witch and Aslan's army, aslan, was about the witch and killed her
                                                1. The war was over, Narnia was saved.
                                                  1. Aslan llevo a los cuatro niños al palacio, y sento a los cuatro niños en los tronos.
                                                    1. They spent very many years and the children grew up and became great kings
                                                      1. one day of his reign were hunting a white deer and found a closet, where they went and returned to be children again.
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