Research Methodology


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Research Methodology
  1. Philosophical/ Theoretical viewpoints
    1. Discussing issues of ontology
      1. describe the nature of what the researcher seeks to know
      2. Individual creates
        1. Social environment
        2. Epistemological Choice
          1. Views on how knowledge about the research
            1. How we know
              1. What we know
                1. What we conceive as a truth
                2. specific social world
                3. Methodological Decisions
                  1. Discussion of overall approach
                    1. Use of specific methods in the research process
                      1. By Martha Alba Group 12 Nov 13, 19
                    2. interpretations of the world as they experience
                      1. The reasons underlying
                      2. Choice of methods and techniques
                        1. Description of data collection
                          1. Inform your readers about the problems
                            1. How to solve problems
                          2. Techniques you adopt in your study
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