Phonology and Phonetics


La diferencia entre fonética y fonología
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Phonology and Phonetics
  1. Phonology


    • The study of the speech sounds of a particular language
    1. Functions of sounds in different contexts
      1. Describe phonological rules in English
        1. Mental system to process speech
          1. Elements
            1. Words
              1. Soundwaves
                1. Interpretation
                  1. Thoughts
              2. Phonetics


                • A subdivision de phonology
                1. Studies
                  1. Physical Properties of Speech
                    1. Physiologic Process


                      • The repertory of human speech sounds is quite large (but not unlimited) there are physical constraints on the sounds human beings are capable of producing.
                      1. to Produce Sounds
                        1. To perceive sounds
                          1. Includes
                            1. Organs of Speech
                        2. Transcription of English using IPA
                          1. IPA: International Phonetic Alphabet (1886)
                            1. Phonetics Symbols
                              1. Represents sounds of all world's languages
                                1. Never capitalized
                                2. Consonants
                                  1. Vowels
                                    1. [Narrow] & /broad/ transcriptions
                                3. How the speech systems work
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