Mind Map on BILINGUALISM, created by Yael Montelongo on 04/01/2020.
Yael Montelongo
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Yael Montelongo
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Resource summary

  1. Being bilingual
    1. Knowing two languages in the same modality
      1. two speech-based languages
        1. spoken English and spoken German
      2. knowing two languages based on different modalities
        1. spoken German and American Sign Language.
      3. Cognitive consequences of bilingualism
        1. facilitates phonological awareness
          1. facilitates reading
          2. cognitive control
            1. attend some stimuli and ignore others.
              1. development of cognitive control mechanisms
              2. cognitive flexibility
                1. Problem Solving and Creativity
                2. Advantages
                  1. Communication with people from different parts of the world
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