New Patterns for Teachers of English Language Learners


Curso: Teaching English to Adolescents and Adults
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New Patterns for Teachers of English Language Learners
  1. New Patterns for Teachers of English Language Learners
    1. New ways to enhance teachers’ skills sets
      1. Strategy
        1. “using practice as a medium for professional development”
          1. Requires
            1. A context of high quality model teaching
              1. A process of deep noticing:
                1. application appropriate to the observer’s skill level
                2. Key Elements to Learning Through Teaching
                  1. Teachers
                    1. Staff Developers
                      1. School District
                        1. An effective lesson for English language learners includes:
                          1. Aligning with state standards
                            1. Demonstrating the use of language to develop content
                              1. Recognizing and drawing on student experiences (prior knowledge)
                                1. Allowing for multiple opportunities to demonstrate learning and mastery
                                  1. Connecting to real-life application
                          2. Project called ExCELS (Educators x Communities = English Language learners’ Success)
                            1. Comprised of five components
                              1. ESL Learning Communities
                                1. Teacher-Parent Partnership
                                  1. Training for Capacity Building
                                    1. Teacher Mentoring
                                      1. Technical Assistance for Classroom Support
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