Study of Language


It describes language as one of many different systems of communication, a system that is unique to human beings.
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Study of Language
    1. Writing
      1. Writing is the representation of a spoken .
        1. Contains
          1. Sentences
      2. Signs
        1. Analyze the grammatical patterns of human language at all levels of linguistic structure.
          1. Contains
            1. Gestures and signals
        2. Speech
          1. System of Comunication that use spoken words.
            1. Contains
              1. Utterances
          2. Linguists focus on
            1. Three Disciplines
              1. Anthropologists
                1. Psychologists
                  1. Sociology
                    1. Semiotic Systems
                      1. The modes of Language
                        1. There are three modes
                          1. Linguistic Structure
                              1. Pragmatics
                                1. Principles
                                  1. Social Context
                                    1. Related to
                                      1. Language use
                                    2. Linguistic Context
                                      1. Related to
                                        1. Meaning of words in context
                                          1. Language Acquicition
                                              1. The process by which humans acquire the capacity to perceive and comprehend language
                                                1. That contain
                                                  1. First words
                                                    1. The child"s first utterances differ from adult language
                                                    2. Babbling
                                                      1. The early bubbles begins shortly after birth and progresses through the infant"s repertoire of sounds expands and vocalizations become more speech-like
                                      1. Language and Ideology
                                        1. That Contain
                                          1. Grammar
                                            1. Rules of grammar operate at various leves
                                              1. Phonology
                                                1. Phonemes
                                                2. Morphology
                                                  1. Morphemes
                                                  2. Syntax
                                                    1. Clauses
                                                    2. Semantics
                                                      1. The study of relationship between words and how we construct meaning and sentence structure
                                                3. Based on
                                                  1. Prescriptivist


                                                    • Can play a more useful role, particularly in discussions of language and its relationship to public policy and teaching practices .
                                                    1. Descriptivist


                                                      • Use the language
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