Types of fibers


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Types of fibers
  1. Muscles generate ATP by cellular respiration
    1. Glucose uptake
      1. Glucose is one the primary energy sources
        1. GLU channels are measured in intensity and will grow
        2. Oxygen uptake
          1. Maximum consuming of oxygen is called "maximum uptake"
            1. Expressed as: Vo(2) max
              1. Size, gender and age determine this
              2. Means the quantity of O2 molecules used
                1. Excercise means agitation and use of O2
                  1. People breathe rapidly in order to pay the "oxygen debt"
                2. Lactate threshold
                  1. Used to define the intensity of an excercise
                  2. Phosphocreatine
                    1. More ATP is used during excecise
                      1. Phosphocreatine in muscles is 3 times higher in number than ATP
                      2. Skeletic muscle fiber clasification
                        1. Type I: Slow contraction fibers
                          1. Type IIA: Oxidative glucolitic fibers of quick contraction
                            1. Type IIB: Glucolitic fiber of quick contraction
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