References: Yule, G. (2006). Pragmatics. In The study of language (3rd ed.). Cambridge [England: Cambridge University Press.
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  1. The study of 'invisible' meaning, or how we recognize what is meant even when it isn't actually said or written.
    1. Context
      1. Linguistic (co-text)
        1. The set of other words used in the same phrase or sentence.
        2. Physical
          1. Our mental representation of the aspects of what is physically out there that we use in arriving at an interpretation.
            1. Time and place.
          2. Deixis
            1. Bits of language that we can only understand in terms of the speaker´s intended meaning.
              1. Person deixis, spatial deixis, temporal deixis.
                1. It, here, now.
              2. Reference
                1. An act by which a speaker (or writer) uses language to enable a listener (or reader) to identify soomething.
                  1. Proper nouns, nouns, or pronouns.
                  2. Inference
                    1. Additional information used by the listener to create a connection between what is said and what must be meant.
                    2. Anaphora
                      1. Subsequent reference to an already introduced entity.
                        1. A puppy - The puppy
                        2. Presupposition
                          1. What a speaker assumes is true or known by the listener.
                          2. Speech acts
                            1. Describe actions such as 'requesting', 'commanding', 'questioning' or 'onforming'.
                            2. Direct and indirect speech acts
                              1. Direct
                                1. When we use a syntactic structure with its respective function.
                                2. Indirect
                                  1. Whenever one of the syntactic structures is used with a function that is not proper from that structure.
                                3. Politeness
                                  1. Showing awereness of and consideration for another person's face.
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