Fashion through the decades


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Fashion through the decades
  1. it comebacks
    1. curve body from the 50's is coming back now
      1. 50's midi skirts are the best now
        1. nowadays fashion is totally inspired in the past 50 years.
          1. crop tops from 90's are here too
            1. a designer chooses a tendency from the past, take it and adapt it to what is needed now, use the best fabrics and add details from now
              1. it can be a hairstyle, clothes, accessories, makeup, or even body shape, everything you can wear is fashion
                1. tendencies are adapted to now
                  1. the past is the future basis
                    1. Lady Gaga is the Madonna of the 21 century
                    2. it is different continuously
                      1. from decade to decade it changes a lot
                        1. at the same way it is alike
                      2. affects everybody
                        1. everybody wears clothes
                          1. inspires
                          2. fashion is everywhere
                          3. depends on the historical context living
                            1. the shape, materials, looks
                            2. in or out
                              1. tendencies are different
                                1. top models impose what is next.
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