Gregor Mendel


Gregor Mendel's biography
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Gregor Mendel
  1. Studies
    1. Secondary school in Troppaau
      1. 1840- Graduates school with Honors
        1. went to the Philosophical Institute of the University of Olmütz
          1. graduates with excellence in math and physics- 1843
          2. Against his father wishes he joins St. Thomas Monastery
            1. was given the name Gregor
          3. Early life
            1. Johann Mendel, Born-July 22, 1822, Heinzendorf,Austria
              1. Parents-Anton and Rosine Mendel
                1. Not wealthy, his studies were "paid" by his excellence(scholarship)
                2. lived in a rural setting till' 11
              2. Life as a Monk
                1. 1849- temporary teaching position in Znaim because of Illness
                  1. No certification
                  2. 1851- Studies sciences at the University of Vienna
                    1. mathematics and physicswith Doppler
                      1. Botany with Franz Unger
                        1. graduates in 1853
                          1. Is given a teaching position
                      2. Research
                        1. 1854-began to research the transmission of hereditary traits in plant hybrids
                          1. 1856-1863= experiments
                            1. Law of Segregation=dominant and recessive traits passed on randomly from parents
                              1. Law of Independent Assortment= traits were passed on independently of other traits from parent to offspring.
                              2. 1866- The Natural Science Society published his work as "Experiments on Plant Hybrids"
                              3. INTERESTING FACTS
                                1. The Gregor Mendel Institute (GMI) of Molecular Plant Biology, was founded in 2000
                                  1. He chose pea for his experiments because the pea has a very short life cycle
                                    1. He also used Honeybees for his experiments
                                      1. Mendel's experiment on plants did not receive full support from the Roman Catholic Church. However, his university professors and colleagues motivated him to study more on the genetics and inheritance traits.
                                        1. Mendel's work on genetics initially went largely unnoticed and his ideas were only accepted after his death
                                        2. He became the father of genetics because he introduced some of the basic ideas on this topic that had been used to stablish the current genetic model
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