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  1. Unit 1"The working day"
    1. A company have varios types of departaments which are working areas using diferent skills.
      1. Vocabulary: Company Departament
        1. > In my career I learn Marketing to manage the publicity > I will do a specialization in Personel to kwon perfonrmance of staff
        2. Grammar: Present Simple & Continuos
          1. > Carlos Slim launch a new company >The politics is afecting Mexico
      2. Unit 2 "Corporate Culture"
        1. Are the attitudes, experiences, beliefs and values of an organization
          1. Vocabulary:
            1. Adjetive Noun -> Sony only use high quality materials Noun Verb-> The market isn´t growing for Mexico Verb-Adver ->Pemex needs retire drastically his personal
        2. Unit 3 "Company History"
          1. A story that conect the branch with the costumers
            1. Reading: verbs & nouns
              1. °Launch a product °Set up a business
              2. Grammar: Past simple
                1. >Porfirio Diaz opened the international market in Mexico >How did Subway begin?
            2. Unit 4 " The Internet"
              1. Vocabulary
                1. ° Easy to use = user friendly °Taking a long time = Time-Consuming
                2. Writing: Formal Verbs
                  1. °Talk about -> Discuss °Buy -> Purchase
                3. Unit 5 "Describing Equipment"
                  1. Vocabulary: Describing Things
                    1. °Audi i8 can use ir for help the environment °SmartWatch is a new gadget
                    2. Vocabulary: Office objetcs
                      1. °Its a smal piece of metal for keeping papers together ...CLIP
                    3. Unit 6 "Processes and Procedures
                      1. Grammar: The Pasive
                        1. °Many products are produced in China
                        2. Reading
                          1. °Outsourcing - handing over a business process to another provider °Offshoring - when a company relocates production process to another country
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