PRODUCTION: putting words in one's mouth


Mental map about production speech
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PRODUCTION: putting words in one's mouth
    1. Syntactic thinking
      1. sequence of words
      2. Imagistic thinking
        1. visual mode of communication
        2. Primary and ultimate composer of communication
        3. FORMULATION
          1. Slips of the tongue
            1. How speech is formulated
              1. Spoonerism
                1. word or phrases with humorous twist
                  1. Slips of the tongue help to reveal the unconscious mind
                  2. Psychologically real
                    1. Slips of the tongue reveals that when we formulate speech
                    2. Mentalistic
                      1. Slips of the tongue reveals important linguistics patterns
                      2. The plaignnig of higher levels of speech
                        1. PRAGMATICS
                          1. study what people mean when they use language in social interaction
                          2. SOCIOLINGUISTICS
                            1. study of why peopwle say what to whom, when and where
                        2. Primming
                          1. guiding of speech production and comprehension
                          2. Conductor and orchestrator of speech sounds
                          3. ARTICULATION STAGE
                            1. Instruments
                              1. Anatomy of articulation
                                1. Programming of aticulation
                                  1. Coarticualtion
                                    1. lungs, larynx and lips working together
                                2. SELF MONITORING STAGE
                                  1. Mistakes
                                    1. they come from native or non-native speakers
                                    2. Errors
                                      1. committed only by non-native speakers
                                      2. speakers and writers
                                        1. self-editing
                                          1. intuitively sensitive a mistake and capable of readjusting a message
                                            1. performance
                                              1. competence
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