Mind Map on SAB6#12_13_Tipos_PMO_I_II, created by Francisco Razo on 05/30/2015.
Francisco Razo
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Francisco Razo
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  1. Supportive
    1. Controlling
      1. A moderate level of control over projects
        1. Provides support and guidance in the organization on how to manage project
          1. Trains others in project management
            1. Trains others in project management software
              1. Assists with specific project management tools
                1. Ensures compliance to organizational practices
                2. Directive
                  1. Has a high level of control over projects
                    1. Provides project managers for different projects
                      1. Is responsible for the results of those projects
                        1. All projects of a certain size, type, or influence, are managed by this office
                        2. Methodologies
                          1. Templates
                            1. Lessons learned
                              1. A low level of control over project
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