Impacts of social media


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Impacts of social media
  1. Business
    1. + A new kind of marketing strategy
      1. + Ways to present product campaigns
        1. - Negative customer reviews can cause damage
        2. Relationships
          1. + Opportunity of to do many different things.
            1. Create memes, publications, and more.
            2. + It easy to connect to our family, friends and other people.
              1. To meet new friends.
              2. - Cyberbullying
              3. Communication
                1. + Be informed of the latest news.
                  1. + An important role in electoral politics.
                    1. - People to become dependent on posting or messaging rather than living with other people.
                    2. Productivity
                      1. - It is very easy to get distracted by a video, meme or post.
                        1. + Quick Response
                        2. Health
                          1. - It can cause anxiety and some problems when you use a lot of social networks.
                            1. +Find a virtual site for your creativity and self-expression.
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