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    1. A LITTLE
      1. Uncountable
        1. John has a little free time tomorrow.
        2. A FEW
          1. Countable
            1. I have a few books in my room.
        3. TOO MUCH
          1. Uncountable
            1. TOO MANY
              1. Countable
            2. FEWER
              1. Countable
                1. plural nouns
                  1. There are fewer cars on the streets these days.
                2. LESS
                  1. Uncountable
                    1. Singular nouns
                      1. You should eat less salt
                3. SOME
                  1. Uncountable and Countable
                    1. Affirmative and interrogative
                    2. ANY
                      1. Uncountable and Countable
                        1. Negative and interrogative
                  2. How many ?
                    1. Countable noun is anything that can be counted
                      1. How many + plural (countable) noun
                        1. How many + singular (countable) noun
                      2. How much ?
                        1. Uncountable nouns are the ones we cannot count
                          1. How much + uncountable noun
                        2. HAVE TO
                          1. It is used to express obligation in English. Indicates that the obligation comes from external rules, a third person or a circumstance.
                          2. HAS TO
                            1. used with the third person singular in English
                            2. MODAL MUST
                              1. express obligation
                                1. SUBJECT + MUST + BASE FORM OF THE VERB
                                  1. - It is followed by an infinitive verb without "to", except be able to, need to, have to and ought to.
                                    1. - The third person singular does not have -s in the present simple.
                                      1. - You do not need to add the auxiliary do / does for the question and negative form.
                                        1. - It does not have compound or progressive times.
                                          1. - It does not have an infinitive.
                              2. MUSTN¨T
                                1. Subject + mustn’t + base form of the verb
                                  1. indicates prohibition
                                  2. GOING TO
                                    1. express plans or strong events for the future.
                                      1. To express a plan
                                        1. Expresses the intention of a person to do something in future tense
                                          1. Express something of which you are certain
                                        2. WILL
                                          1. talking about the future when we are not quite sure what is going to happen, so we say what we think will happen.
                                        3. A - AN
                                          1. They are indefinite articles because although they are talking about only one thing, they do not specify which one.
                                            1. We use a when the accompanying noun begins with a consonant sound. In case the word begins with a vowel sound, we use the article an.
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