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  1. 1.- Review Schedule Management Plan
    1. Required level of accuracy and measurement units.
    2. 3.- Review Activity Cost Estimates
      1. Primary data to estimate
      2. This are Actions Involved to Estimated Recsources of Activities
        1. 6.- Identify Potentially Available Resources and Their Skill Levels
          1. 7.- Review Historical Information About the Use of Resources of Similar Project
            1. Expert Judgment (1A)
            2. 5.- Risk register
              1. That impact the selection and availability resource
              2. 10.- Quantify Resources Requeriments by Activity
                1. Cost
                2. 13.- OPA's
                  1. Lessons Learned
                  2. 14.- EEF´s
                    1. Company
                    2. 2.- Review Resorces Availability
                      1. 4.- Review the WBS, Activity List And Activity Attributes
                        1. 8.- Review Organizational Policies on Resources Use
                          1. (1A) Solicit Expert Judment on What Resources are Needed and Available
                            1. Analyze Alternative Equipment or Methods to Use in Completing the Work and Whether Different Aproaches Help to Better Utilize Resosurces
                              1. 9.- Identify Areas of the Project That Cannot be Completed Internally or Would Otherwise be More Efficiently Achieved Through Outsourcing (Make or Buy Decisions)
                                1. Break the Activity Down Further if The Activity is Too Complex to Estimate Resources (Bottom-up-Estimating)
                                  1. 11.- Create Hierachical Image That Organizes the Planned Resources by Their Category and Type (a Resource Breakdown Structure).
                                    1. 12.- Develop a Plan as to What Types of Resources Will Be Used.
                                      1. Estimate Publics Data
                                        1. MS Project
                                          1. Types and Quantities of Resources required per Activity
                                            1. Staff Planning
                                              1. Resource Calendar
                                              2. RBS Representation Hierachical Category and Type Resources
                                                1. Actualization Documents Project
                                                  1. Process Group: Palnificacition Knowledge Area: Time
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