international marketing


international marketing
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international marketing
  1. marketing
    1. management process responsible for identifying,anticipating and satisfying requirements properly
    2. process of intenacional marketing
      1. five basics steps
        1. analize the international market to identify needs that marketer may satisfy
          1. identify the potential buyers,demand measurement and forecasting, market segmentation market targeting, market positioning
            1. all the parts than are involve, may coordinate numerous activities ands efforts
              1. develop the international markenting mix, product, place, price, promotion
                1. manage effort properly doing poper analysis, planning, implementation and control of the marketing programs
              2. phases of international markeing
                1. no direct foreign marketing
                  1. no active cultivation of costumers outside national boundaries
                    1. products arrive to national salers outside national boundaires
                    2. infrequient foreign marketing
                      1. foreign activity is withdrawn
                        1. little or no change in company product lines
                        2. intenational marketing
                          1. company involve in intenational marketing, seek foreign markets
                          2. global marketing
                            1. include all markets as their market
                              1. unique set of markets characteristics
                                1. global markets = multinational company
                                2. changes in international orientation
                                  1. depens on foreign markets
                                    1. headquarters in foreign markets
                                  2. MNC´S
                                    1. presure for local responsives
                                      1. respond organization enviroment
                                      2. adapt to enviromental demands
                                      3. entering international markets
                                        1. penetrating and developing an international market
                                          1. the objetives of market entry will have implications in strategy and organization
                                            1. low-intesity mode is the most commonly favored in market
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