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  1. Project Management Plan is the document that integrates all the individual management plans into a cohesive whole, creating a centralized document to describe what is involved in the project.
    1. Scope Mgmt Plan
      1. Schedule Mgmt Plan
        1. Cost Mgmt Plan
          1. HR Mgmt Plan
            1. Procurment Mgmt Plan
              1. Risk Mgmt Plan
                1. Quality Mgmt Plan
                  1. Communication Mgmt Plan
                    1. PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN
                      1. Stakeholders Mgmt Plan
                        1. Scope Baseline: Is the projet scope statment, WBS and WBS dictionary
                          1. Schedule Baseline: this includes the start and stop dates for each activity
                            1. Cost Baseline: this includes the cost for each activity of the WBS
                              1. Project Baselines: This are used to compare the project's actual performance against its planned performance
                                1. Requirements Mgmt Plan: This describes how this effort of identifying, analyzing, evaluating, prioritizing and documenting the requirements of the stakeholders will be done as well as how the requirements will be managed and controlled througout the project
                                  1. Change Mgmt Plan: This is a plan for managing changes and the change process on the project
                                    1. Configuration Mgmt Plan: This is a plan for managing changes to the documentation about the deliverables and processes of the project
                                      1. Process Improvement Plan: This plan defines how processes that are used on the project to complet the work or perform project management activities will be evaluated and improved
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