Theories of teaching in language teaching


it's about different theories in the teaching language
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Theories of teaching in language teaching
  1. Sciencie- Research Conceptions
    1. empirical investigation
      1. experimention
        1. operationalizing learning principles
          1. memory
            1. transfer
              1. motivation
                1. Audiolingual Method
                  1. habits
                    1. memorization
                      1. dialogs,drills
                  2. tested model
                    1. applying the results of empirical research
                      1. good teaching
                        1. logical reasoning
                          1. previous research
                        2. doing what efective teachers do
                          1. Identifying effective teachers
                            1. applying their teaching practices
                              1. instruction is clear, focused
                                1. learning progress is monitored
                                  1. instruction is guided by a preplanned curriculum
                                2. Theory-philsophy Conceptions
                                  1. Teaching Methods based in
                                    1. theory
                                      1. rational thought
                                        1. Communicative Language teaching
                                          1. materials
                                            1. Syllabi
                                              1. tasks based in theory
                                            2. values based approaches
                                              1. instructional means are based in
                                                1. set of values which are not subject to accountability
                                                2. team teaching
                                                  1. humanistic approaches
                                                    1. learner centered curriculum
                                                      1. reflective teaching
                                                    2. Art-Craft Conceptios
                                                      1. Depends teacher's individual skill and personality
                                                        1. invention
                                                          1. personalization
                                                          2. There are not general methods of teaching
                                                            1. try out different teaching strategies
                                                              1. each teaching situation is unique
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